Hello, I am Niyati (Nitz) and a huge Ashi-Yuvi (even though I hardly blog about them) and Captain Swan stan. This blog was supposed to be multi-fandom but the once obsession turned it into 95% OUAT (in which, 90% will be CS). But I do occasionally blog my other favorites like himym (swarkles), friends, and lost.
PS: This is NOT a spoiler-free blog!


So I don’t know if this has been brought to attention before. I haven’t seen anything so far…so I am not sure. But you see in the first gif, Hook has lump in his throat and in second gif, Hook’s hand goes towards his eyes, as if wiping off a tear. What makes it more painful is that he turns his back towards Emma the moment he feels a tear rolling down, because he doesn’t want Emma to see…not in this moment. He wants to be her strength, not weakness…and he knows that he can’t be weak infront of Emma because then it would break both of them (well atleast him if not her…but lbr, it would break her too!) and she won’t be able to do what she is supposed to do…what she needs to do…be with Henry, her son. He wants to be her reason of hope, not despair. And I am drowning in CS feels more and more with each passing day.

Haha! They said 3 months would be enough to deal with feels…not if it keeps happening like this when I just keep going deeper with each passing day. 

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