Hello, I am Nitz and a huge Ashi-Yuvi, CaptainSwan (also Regina+Rumbelle), Barney-Robin and Friends fan, but this blog is going to be about them and also my other favorites. So keep tunning in.

PS: This is NOT a spoiler-free blog!


Captain Hook + Pretense

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For those of you that haven’t seen this yet…

OR haven’t heard Colin sing…(oh, the humanity!)

Yes, this is a bit old and not the best quality, but it is one of the few times we see and hear Colin sing front man for the Enemies. 

Drogheda, March, 2006.

You can all lose your panties now, shipmates.

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the ouat fandom, basically

"we’re so canon we’re even canon IRL"

inspired by (x)

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Hook vs. Blackbeard

aka The scene in which Killian Jones is a BAMF Pirate King

Skin Deep: from script to screen.

I swear on Emma Swan

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Killian and Emma and loved each other since childhood but were too scared to do anything. Emma begins a serious relationship with Neal and when he dies unexpectedly, she finds comfort in Killian.

But it’s too soon and too much and she won’t let herself get hurt again. So she leaves town.

She returns years later and is surprised to find that Killian is still there, that he’s singing at the coffee shop. And that he’s been waiting for her all these years.

Because it’s always been her.

then swear to me on her name….
                              i swear on  e m m a   s w a n

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