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That was a..

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Colin being adorably stupid



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My walls were up and you brought them down. You brought me home.

"Actually, in my experience, honor causes death."

Killian Jones

His brother died for Honor.

Now inspired by Emma, Hook aims to return to being a Man of Honor. 

Which means he thinks she’s worth dying for.

She made him want to return to the best version of himself.  Even though his experience tells him that it will get him killed. Emma, and her family, made him remember that not only love, but also honor, is worth dying for. 

He turned his back on honor and survived for three centuries.  Three centuries of misery.  And then he meets Emma Swan and she reminds him that there is another way - that good can triumph, that doing the right thing doesn’t always end in tragedy, but that even if it does it’s still better to have taken the hard path, the righteous path.

People who think his devotion to her is just about sex clearly haven’t been watching.  People who think he should have given up on her just because she didn’t jump into his arms the first day they met simply don’t understand.  This isn’t just about romance for him.  Emma Swan brought him out of the fucking darkness that was his life for 300 years.

He’d stay by her side for 300 more, even if it meant they would only be friends. Because she was his SALVATION and he is so very grateful for that. Yes, he loves her,  but he would be there for her in whatever way she choose, because he wants to remain in the presence of the woman who makes him a better man. And he wants to help her be the best version of herself.

This isn’t just about sex.  The man is hot as fuck and had ample opportunity to get laid back in the enchanted forest.  But he chose to give up EVERYTHING, and head back to NYC to save Emma because…

 ”It was the RIGHT thing to do”.

That isn’t lust. It’s love. It’s honor.

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Their first date goes exceedingly well.




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jennifer and colin with their scrapbooks! :)