Hello, I am Niyati (Nitz) and a huge Ashi-Yuvi (even though I hardly blog about them) and Captain Swan stan. This blog was supposed to be multi-fandom but the once obsession turned it into 95% OUAT (in which, 90% will be CS). But I do occasionally blog my other favorites like himym (swarkles), friends, and lost.
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When someone walks into your heart through an open door…

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I may be a pirate, but I bristle at the thought of a woman losing her heart - unless it’s over me.

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a O N E time thing.

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jennifer morrison filmography: urban legends: final cut (2000)

 - amy mayfield


A boar wouldn’t just attack you for no reason. Thank you boar expert. This one did!

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LOST   queue   


Killian Jones: The man who has always been there to catch Emma when she falls since before he even knew her name. This is how you OTP.


There’s one thing I love about Killian Jones, it’s how he isn’t a crying baby, he’s not crying on his fate or how life fucked him over. He’s mad at fate, of course, for taking his brother, for taking Milah, he’s mad but he isn’t doing any kind of pity party, he isn’t blaming those who aren’t to blame, he blames the responsible, but he doesnt ask for people to cry over what happened to him. He doesn’t beg others for mercy or to accept him, he isn’t a show off as so many people tend to think - showing him is a mecanism of defense not an actual trait of his personality, he’s fine being a hero in the shadow, he isn’t looking for shining glory and praises, he is the kind of a hero i love, discrete, ready to sacrifice everything and yet not asking for credit, for praise, or for tears.

He gave up his ship, and yet he doesn’t ask for anything, he doesn’t want people to feel sorry about him.

That’s my kind of hero, my kind of pirate.

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How strong is the Captain Swan army?  

Reblog if you ship those two; I wanna see how large and supportive of a group we are before the season begins!

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"And so her choice in kissing him came from a realisation that she might be safe with this person and he might really be what he says and follow through with it – which I think is a scary thing in life, it still freaks me out. And it’s a lot easier to keep your guard up and say ‘I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care’ than to actually like someone  – that’s, pretty terrifying. “

                                            — Jennifer Morrison [x]

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